Associate Coach Trainers

CRISTINA CAMPOFREDDO, PCC – SUN Coordinator in Italy and South Africa

My Purpose in Life is to follow my heart and trust my intuition to open new possibilities for myself and for other people.
I strongly believe that we are the powerful creators of our life and that our beliefs are our life scripts.
Through coaching I serve people in their evolution, in mastering the tools to become who they are in order to create a new dimension in which we are all one.

. SUN Coordinator in Italy and South Africa – 2016
. SUN Associate Coach Trainer – 2016
. Project Leader for ICF Italia Conference in Rome – 2016
. Former ICF Italia Credentialing Volunteer – 2015
. Associate member of ‘Associazione Italiana Formatori’ (Italian Association of Trainers)
. Author of ‘Sofia, Seneca and the Practice of Coaching’ – How the ancient wisdom inspires coaching
. Volunteer PCC Coach for The Coach Initiative – for Non-Profit CEOs
. Founder of CoachingEra – Coaching Business active in Italy and South Africa – 2013

. member of COMENSA Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
. ICF PCC Markers Assessor
. Speaker/facilitator in webinars for ICF Italia
. Project Leader in creating & delivering Coaching Projects for the bank system
. Leader of the team who creates the new Coaching Policy for a banking group of 23.000 employees
. Leading projects for the developing of SUN Community in Italy


My Life Purpose is to transform my heart and the heart of the world, through grace and beauty, in order to find fulfillment, magic and surprise.

The highest expression of my purpose is as a SUN Coach since 2006 and now a SUN Coach Trainer since 2017. In both roles, I have the opportunity to watch potential unfold in people’s lives in the most remarkable ways.

As a lifelong student of personal and spiritual development, I studied Psychology and Human Development. I am a student of the Diamond Approach, which fosters personal development through methods of meditation, present-moment awareness, and self-observation. The work of SUN aligns perfectly with who I am and allows me to witness and support more and more transformed hearts blossoming in the world.

I have authored five books, and have been writing my blog Bits of Inspiration since I became a coach. I have hosted my own radio show and was the producer/host of my cable television show.



My goal in life is to build a relationship of mutual trust and confidence conveying serenity, balance, commitment and inner strength to discover the deep meaning of every action. My passion for coaching comes from my belief that it represents the ultimate expression of my purpose in life. Coaching is a great tool to reach a higher awareness of themselves and develop a perfect inner and outer balance that leads to happiness. As an Associate SUN Coach Trainer I love sharing with people the excitement of discovering values, beliefs, thoughts, skills and insights. I’m proud to offer a program that contributes concretely to the personal growth of human beings.

Each of us is unique and special and our purpose in life should be to know thoroughly ourselves developing our full potential.