IF you want to become part of the SUN Network and/or Community and ALREADY HAVE A PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from an IF-accredited program, you might consider this 40-hour training:

Learning the Unique SUN Methodology — 40 CCEs

Purpose: To learn the unique SUN methodology and apply it with clients. 10+ hours mentoring included.

For continuing education (re-credentialing) or

  1. To qualify for the PCC or MCC credential or
  2. To add the SUN unique methodology to your coaching portfolio
  3. To enhance your clients effectiveness using a results-driven methodology incorporating practical spirituality

Who: Business and Life Coaches, External and Internal

For any graduate of an ICF-accredited coach training program or equivalent who wants to obtain an additional 40 hours of coach specific training and wishes to use the SUN methodology

Length: 40 hours spaced over 8-10 months

Objectives: To learn, experience and practice using the SUN methodology with 3 clients and receive 10 hours of coach mentoring.

Part I: Learn and experience the SUN methods

  • To generate results that form the basis for experiencing the SUN methodology and an overview of the SUN methodology.
  • Experience the Results and Well-Being Games and generate Guidelines for Living every 2-3 weeks. Both training and experience  occur in each meeting.
  • Learn your Life Purpose and how to facilitate it with clients, including couples, business partners, teams, families….

Part II: Coaching and Coach Mentoring

  • Coach 3 clients using the SUN methodology.
  • During Part II you may attend our monthly SUN Tele-classes and Global Skills Practices and receive additional credit.