SUN Coach Trainers

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Adrienne Fikes, PCC, Angela Gaehtgens, PCC, Johana Alvarado, PCC


My purpose for being a SUN Trainer is to promote the highest level of professionalism and coaching competency across the industry, and to actively promote SUN as the standard of quality for coach certification. Let’s protect safe spaces for radical personal transformation. I intend to see how far you and I might shift the tipping point of unspeakable joy towards racial equity, and peace of mind across identity and economic spectrums.

I am seeking coaching students who are willing to point love, unspeakable joy, and fiery, steadfast courage toward the unvarnished truth. I believe this is possible. I believe this is the work I must do. I believe my Ancestors will not allow me to rest if I don’t pursue this work. I believe all forces of love and joy are rising to make way for us to do this work, at this time. I believe no work could be a greater honor, or bring more joy.

SUN is not by any means the fastest or the easiest path to certification. For over a decade, I’ve recommended SUN to anyone who asks for a path to becoming an excellent coach. I am delighted to work with any adult who is ready to enter this space and do the work. I prefer to train students who light up inside discussing the science and discipline of this art. My highest intention is to invite Generation Xers and older Millennials, who have a passion for social justice, to join me in leading humanity across this bridge between where we are, and where we were created to be.


With curiosity I search for awareness trusting the wisdom of every human being and believing that awareness brings freedom and more possibilities to choose and to contribute to a better place to be and to belong to.

This is the curiosity and purpose that I bring and share with the students I work with. I am also an ICF Certified Mentor Coach and strongly committed to my continuous professional development.

Coming from the corporate world with an HR background and 18 years of HR management experience I work with executives and senior leaders. I believe that self awareness is a determinant ingredient for professional development and growth. In partnering with my clients we explore the sense of one’s life purpose and how being aligned with that can make a huge positive change in their lives and in the life of others.

The state of curiosity is also what feeds my passion for traveling and getting to know new places, new people, new cultures and new and different ways of seeing the world.


I am Johana Alvarado, I am from Costa Rica and I train in Spanish (entreno en idioma Español).

My life purpose is “to be a cheerful, exponential, daring human being, who learns at the University of life and with love I aspire to positively impact those around me.”

I was trained and graduated in Clinical Psychology, Master in Psych Pedagogy, Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Duel Management specialist, I am certified in High Impact Communication, I have many years of experience as Executive and   Team Coach, founding partner of the Costa Rica chapter of the International Coaching Federation, I own PCC credentials and am in the process to obtain the MCC for the same federation. I aim to contribute in a determined manner by sharing a broad and deep vision of life, in the present as well in the future, as I did in the past since I started, 15 years ago, through workshops, webinars, seminars, talks, conferences, face-to-face or online meeting, in Costa Rica, Central America, United States and South America, radio programs, podcasts, television programs, through government organizations and a wide range of private companies. I am constantly developing tools that complement my work with the different companies and people I work with. I integrate each lesson I learn from my experience into my Coach training, to share with my students and learn from real experience.