Cristina Campofreddo, MCC

CRISTINA CAMPOFREDDO, MCC – SUN Coordinator in Italy and South Africa –

My Purpose in Life is to follow my heart and trust my intuition to open new possibilities for myself and for other people.

  • Founder of CoachingEra – Coaching & Training worldwide
  • ICF Credentialing Assessor
  • ICF Mentor Coach
  • Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) Coach & Trainer
  • First one to bring Success Unlimited Network (SUN) coaching to South Africa and Malta
  • Leader for the Coordinators Team in SUN Legacy Retreat in Italy 2019
  • Executive Manager at Training School in the International Financial Sector
  • Member of ACTO Diversity & Inclusion Committee (Association of Coach Training Organization)
  • Former Member of ACTO Expansion Committee
  • ICF Capetown, South Africa, Communication Manager with the Social Media Portfolio

Since 1986 in skills development, training and HR management for international leading companies in the fashion, publishing, and financial field. I was inspired by a deep passion for purposeful leadership and personal & professional development. I founded CoachingEra in 2013 and channeled in this company my 30+ years experience in leadership training, consulting and mentoring in the global corporate world to deliver purposeful high quality coaching and training. I am inspired and committed to support Human Beings to get in touch with their Essence and honor it, to fully access their talents and be the creators of their evolutionary path. I believe that transformation from the inside out is the most powerful and the only way to reach the desired results, to be who we are and to contribute to the evolution of our Planet.