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Dalia Nakar


Why I love being a SUN Coach Educator/Trainer

To be a SUN Coach Educator for me, is like being a painter who uses  colors to create the whole picture that evokes a lot of senses in the observer. I feel education and training are creations. It is a way of expressing my self in my best , bringing my accumulated knowledge, my whole being and my passion to the learning environment and together with the participant we create the best we can so they can feel the essence and the meaning of being a coach. I love educating the coaching competencies and combine them with  the unique tools of SUN. I love when participants have their ‘a-ha’ when they coach and everything comes together and evoke the senses like the painter’s picture.

I prefer working with participants that are completely committed to be a professional successful Coach and to help other people to be successful  in their life as well.

Personal – I have a lot of passion for living my life in the best way I can wish for my self. I love when people around me have the same passion and are committed to this kind of life. We all have our moments. Some are good and others are challenging. I am committed to the bright side of life and I am always, in every scenario, using the positive attitude. My life purpose is to be myself and lead to be fulfilled by choosing the best possibilities .

 Educational Background

  • BA in social-work  from Haifa University, 1980
  • MA in public management from Latvia University, 2001
  • PCC (Level 2) from ICF since 2010
  • MCC (Level 3) from ICF since 2017

Coaching and Educating/Training Experience

  • Coaching since 2005, graduate in Coaching Academy, Israel
  • Starting a new coaching niche in Israel – Retirement Coaching, 2006
  • Supervising coaches since 2008
  • Training/Educating coaches to be a retirement coach since 2009
  • Certified SUN coach in 2009
  • Training/Educating SUN coaches since 2012

Ambassador for the Profession

  • Member in ethics committee, organisation of coaches, Israel, 2010-2015
  • Member in the management board of the Israeli ICF chapter 2012-2015
  • President of Israeli chapter since October, 2015
  • Webinars on coaching for Israeli members of ICF 2016
  • Writing articles in various Israeli magazines and in ‘CHOICE’ magazine
  • Presentations in conferences and SUN retreats
  • Member of Global Ethics CoP since 2015

Contact:   Email  +972-522-493-073 www.sun-coaching.co.il   www.gilmahut.co.il