SUN is proud to offer an accredited program that continues to meet the International Coaching Federation (ICF) professional standards for coach training programs. Graduation from our program will fulfill PCC (Professional Coach Certification) requirements for student contact learning hours, mentor coaching, ethics and passing the SUN program exams. SUN presence is on 5 continents. We are one of the smaller Coach training and certification programs. Our aim and commitments are for extremely high quality and successful coaches, not number of coaches.

Beauty, Peace and Truth

Bringing Forth Wisdom and Beauty
Teri-E Belf

The SUN Coach Training program has its roots in 1980 in England by leaders in Results Unlimited and brought to the US in 1987. Our coaching is holistic and based on a model of Business Management /Sports coaching. The value of our approach to coaching is revealed in Tim Gallwey’s books, The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work. In his tennis book, Mr. Gallwey’s approach is to focus on what happens between hits. It is the focus on “between the meeting approach” that contributes to making SUN a unique and effective coaching program. SUN also works with principles from the fields of Accelerated Learning (Colin Rose), Integrated Learning (Peter Kline), NLP (Bandler and Grinder) and Technologies for Creating (Robert Fritz).

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