IF you want to become part of the SUN Network and/or Community and ALREADY HAVE A PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential from an ICF-accredited program, you might consider this 40-hour training:

– SUN programs may be 1:1, in small groups, in person, phone or distance learning.
– Costs vary depending upon trainer, size of group, method of training and location.
– Go to SUN Trainers

1LEARNING the UNIQUE SUN METHODOLOGY — 40 hrs over 8-10 months

For any graduate of an ICF-accredited coach training program or equivalent who wants to obtain an additional 40 hours of CCEs for coach training and wishes to learn and use the unique SUN methodology.

  1. Use for continuing education (re-credentialing)
  2. Use credits to qualify for the MCC credential
  3. Add the unique SUN methodology to your coaching portfolio
  4. Receive 10 hours Mentor Coaching credit with 3 clients
  5. Learn your Life Purpose and how to facilitate the process with individuals, couples, business partners, teams, families…
  6. You may attend the SUN monthly Tele-classes, Global Skills Practices and SUN Education Retreats and receive additional credit

Cohen, Ran

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