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“I love SUN Coach Training because my passion is training coaches to reach their potential with ease and joy!  I support my students to connect with their passion, become highly competent in coaching skills, build the foundation for their business success, while helping their clients to transform their lives to live purposefully and insightfully.”

VICKI ESCUDÉ, M.A., MCC, semni-retired Master Coach Trainer, is a pioneer in the coaching profession, being the first to bring the concept of coaching and promote the professionalism of coaching to several areas of the country over 16 years ago.  She was among the first coach educators for University of Texas-Dallas and Success Unlimited Network®, and is a principal-founder of Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance. She is co-founder of Advanced Coach Mentoring, providing advanced coach training and mentor certification for coaches who want to deepen their coaching skills.   Her inspiring leadership, group facilitation abilities and joyful, spontaneous style invite a deep exploration of spirit, and encourage expression of one’s authentic self. She is owner of Executive Leadership Coaching, LLC. She coaches, trains, supervises and certifies coaches and leaders worldwide, and has been recognized as a successful coach in national publications.

Escudé is the author of several coaching books, Create Your Day with Intention, which is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and Getting Everything You Want and Going for More!  Coaching for Mastery.  She is a featured author in The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching (Wiley, 2008) and The Pfeiffer Annual for Consultants (Wiley, 2006).  She has written many coaching-related articles for Climate Magazine, Choice Magazine, and The University of Texas-Dallas Coaching Newsletter.  She creates innovative internet coaching courses, coaching newsletters, and designs and presents corporate coaching and training seminars.  Ms. Escude has also been featured as a successful coach in Healthy Living Magazine, Climate Magazine, and The Independent.  She has recently published a series of Fast-Track Leader books with Get-to-the-Point Books for corporate training.

Escudé is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, and received her Master’s Degree from the University of West Florida in psychology and counseling.  She also attended the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  She received additional training with post-graduate work in assessments, coaching training and certification with Success Unlimited Network, Sandler Sales Training, Transactional Analysis, and Facilitation Training.

Active in the International Coach Federation to support the professionalism of coaching, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the International Coach Federation for the 2005 to 2008 term.  In addition, she has served as an ICF Chapter Founder and President, on the Ethics Committee, the Membership Committee, and is an Exam Assessor.  She was Balance Session coordinator and presenter for several ICF conferences.  Escudé also was active in ACTO, the Association for Coach Training Organizations.  She volunteers for the Coaching Initiative, in which Master Coaches provide coaching for non-profit CEOs.

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