I learned to trust my Higher Source above all else, and that having that trust separates me from just “talking the talk.”  I felt the program was very thorough in covering areas to make coaching effective especially frequent practice sessions to solidify these skills because of trainer and peer feedback. – Tonya Jordan

In SUN there is something more than methods. There is a greatness that is called in each client, to deal with the Doing and the Being sides of life. – Ana Gois

Considero que el proceso de SUN me ha aportado una clara visión y una experiencia profunda y concreta, que me ha ayudado a entender el coaching  como un proceso holístico de desarrollo y crecimiento de la persona. I think the SUN process has given me a clear vision and a profound and concrete experience that has helped me understand the coaching treated as a holistic process of development and personal growth. – Javier Álvarez

In general, I love the fact that Success Unlimited Network’s coach training is centered in Spirit. – Peggy Flanagan, PCC