LEVEL 2 TIMING and CLASSES (Total 125 hours)

MODULE 1: Demystify Level 2 coaching – 8 hours

MODULE 2: The Jazzy Side of Ethics – 10 hours

MODULE 3: Coaching Principles – 4 hours

MODULE 4: Launching into Coaching and Practice

      Wearing the Coach’s Hat: 29.8 hours

  1. Auditory Appreciation                                                      
  2. The Power of the Coaching Mindset                  
  3. Bound with Boundaries                                    
  4. Calibrating Congruence
  5. Catering to the Kinesthetic                                    
  6. Choices and Values
  7. Coaching without Questions                                                   
  8. Dealing with Emotions                                    
  9. Imposter Syndrome                  
  10. Motivation                  
  11. Pedestal Problem, Partnership?                                    
  12. Power of Presence in the Pause                                    
  13. Procrastination Pro                                                      
  14. Recognizing Readiness                               
  15. Tackling Transitions                                                      
  16. Coaching ADHD Symptoms
  17. The Intuitive Web                                                            Team Coaching Part II (Spanish only) – 5 hours

MODULE 5: Jump Start Your Business – 6 hours

MODULE 6: Unique SUN Methodology, Tools and Techniques, including Life Purpose – 24 hours

MODULE 7: Coaching Tools and Techniques – 7.5 hours

MODULE 8: Mastery Practicum – 3 hours

MODULE 9: Mentoring – 10 hours

MODULE 10: Master Class Integration – 4.8 hours

Self-Development Plan, Missing Pieces, Qualities of an Excellent Coach, Star Integration, The Coach Detective

MODULES 11 and 12: Evaluations and Completion (16.9 hours)

If you train 1:1 with your Educator, you decide the number of hours for each meeting and the spacing in between for Modules II through VI. Timing depends upon your desired pace, schedule, individual needs, lifestyle, finances, and your client load.

If you choose group education, the schedule is determined by your Educator.


includes mentoring, business development, SUN exams and certification fees, NOT ICF Credentialing Exam or other credentialing fees.

You can expect within this range Cost may vary depending upon group size or 1:1 and the economy of the country in which the education is done. You can expect within this range (given in US $), depending upon the Educator’s number of years of experience and education, the economy of the country or region and comparative economic norms.    

Level 2 one-to-one  $8300. – $14,900. (VAT not included)

Level 2 group (size 5) $5,000-$8,000.

Some Educators offer discounts for advance payment and some offer installment plans. After you have selected an Educator and language, please contact them directly for fees. The quality of the education, the service we offer and commitment in the partnership you receive, remains constant.


In the event of early withdrawal or inability of any participant to complete a program, the participant is liable for payment for the services rendered as of the date of withdrawal on a daily pro-rated percentage. For example, if a participant completes one day of a two-day education, payment for 50% of the education would be due in addition to a €264. or $300. administrative fee. If prepayment had occurred, the Educator provides refunds pro-rated to services already rendered minus the administrative fee.

If a participant wishes to continue the education and the SUN Educator cannot for any reason, the participant can contact another SUN Educator at the same level or higher to provide assistance. The SUN Director of Education maintains the list of participants, Educators and graduates records.


SUN Educators have a strong commitment to continual improvement and development, both as coaches and as coach Educators. To this end, we sometimes discuss strategies and approaches for education in order to continually upgrade our competencies and our SUN program. This may include the educational process and progress involving how participants are coaching, communicating with, and marketing to their clients. This may also involve how they are being educated and receive instruction. Additionally, although not limited to this, discussions may include creating materials, cases and role-plays for instructional purposes.

In order to preserve the privacy of all involved, Educators will only share information with each other that is needed to upgrade skill and enhance the program. Educators will take the utmost care to maintain anonymity of the people involved, unless permission is received. This principle of anonymity pertains to group work, retreats, tele-classes, skills practices and other methods of education.


Review, Comprehension and Application of SUN resources:

  • Certification Manuals
  • 3 1-hour tutorial videos of coaching demonstrations
  • Simply Live It UP: Brief Solutions
  • Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success To Emerge – English and Spanish