The Jazzy Side of Coaching Ethical Quandaries

 This 10 hour course meets ICF requirements for core Ethics education

One never expects an ethical problem and it is far better to be foresighted than blind-sighted. If ethics is common sense, why do coaches have ethical issues?

Foundational information is presented in Level 1 and more cases and applications in Level 2

IF you have an ethical inquiry or complaint, ICF has an excellent Ethics Assist Line which can be used by  an email to or call +1.859.219.3580


  • What is Coaching?
  • Explore Classical Jazz as a metaphor to understand collaboration and partnership expectations
  • Distinguishing Ethics and the Law
  • ICF Code of Ethics and Standards
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Interpretative Statements released in 2020
  • What IF situations and Best Practices
  • Enact a Play, Ethical Bloopers, written for this class
  • Sponsor Relationships and Contracts
  • Coaching and Copyrights
  • Top Areas Generating Ethical Inquiries
  • Terminating Client Agreements

We believe that one should not be a coach without a solid grounding in the ethics and standards of coaching. Take this course and be surprised by what you learn. Better to be prepared, not surprised in the real world.

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