If you are a CEO, CFO, CIO, or other leader, Executive, HR Manager, Sales Manager or in any leadership role in business, you might CONSIDER THE IMPACT OF COACHING COMPETENCY EDUCATION FOR YOUR MANAGERS (AND YOURSELF). Creating a coaching culture is a large trend in our industry becuase of the amazing results reported anecdotally and in research.

The purpose of our education is to introduce selected coaching competencies to managers appropriate to the workplace in order to enhance managerial effectiveness. Our intention is not to educate managers to become coaches.

Benefits of Using Coaching Competencies in the Workplace

Integrating a coaching approach in your organization can increase efficiency and quality of work life. By applying a coaching philosophy, managers and executives can contribute to the continual development of people talent in the organization, integrate a focus on key values and priority initiatives, engage in more effective relationships and collaboration through clear, positive communication, and increase accountability. Using a coaching approach in business requires learning and applying specific coaching competencies and evaluating the impact.

Why Select SUN to Conduct this Education?

1. Success Unlimited Network® offers a specific program that educates executives and managers to learn, deeply understand and apply coaching competencies in the workplace. We have been in the coaching education and training business since 1991.

2. All SUN Educators who offer programs to executive and managers in organizations are credentialed coaches, Master Certified Coaches (MCC) or Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) en route to the MCC, with strong experience in education, training and coaching. SUN Educators are also Coaching Mentors and Assessors and know how to provide targeted feedback for performance improvement.

3. SUN customizes education using multiple training technologies, different formats, and is available in several languages.

An Introduction to Coaching Competencies

Who: Managers and Supervisors
Length: 3035 hours
Method: Conducted 1:1 or in groups size 4-26, in person, and/or distance learning
Cost and Logistics: Varies depending upon the Educator. For  location, schedule and format, contact a trainer directly. (See sidebar)

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