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Mission: SUN is a global network of coaches, coach trainers, coach mentors, and coaching leaders who inspire purposeful being for the evolution of humanity.

Vision: We are Emissaries of Purposeful Being

Core Beliefs: We believe that every person has a purpose and unlimited potential, and by living on purpose we empower potential that accelerates evolution.

Key Values: Purposefulness, Integrity, Service, Connectedness, Discovery and Human Spirit.

We take pride in valuing quality, not quantity so we offer customized, highly individualized quality coaching, coach training and mentoring.

Facts: We are proud that 39% of our graduates have ICF world-wide recognized coaching credentials.

The sun is our metaphor because our work involves bringing forth, enhancing and sharing light and lightness in clients, students and ourselves.

Ward Rarest of Rare

 Award Agency – Rarest of Rare

In all communications and behaviors you can expect SUN Trainers to be committed to and adhere to ethical coaching standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) <coachfederation.org> and ethical coach training standards of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) <actoonline.org>.