SUN Events Schedules


SUN Tele-classes, Skills Practices, T3 Meetings

2023 TELECLASS SCHEDULE All MONDAYS, 12-1 EST US on ZOOM (link below for everything)


√ JANUARY 9, Brigitta Hoeferle, PCC, How are attention, energy, results connected as you are creating your 2023?

√ FEBRUARY 13, Peter Reding, MBA, MCC Learn How to Support Your Coaching Client to Know Thy-SELF

√ MARCH 13, Linda Marks, Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing

√ APRIL 24, Dr. Alfonso Medina, MCC;  Dr. Michael Marx, PCC; Jerry Spoto, PCC PANEL AI Potential and Real Impact on our Profession: Is AI

a tool, threat or toy?

√ May 22, Claire Pedrick, MCC Simplifying Coaching- How to have more transformational conversations by doing less

√ June 5, Amit Deokule, Calculated Risk

√ June 26, Lisa Nabors, PCC Three Wishes

√ July 31, Peter Reding, MBA, MCC, What is “Self-mastery”?  How does “Self-mastery” impact, grow, mature, the ICF Professional Coach in growing their Coaching Mastery.

                                                    August holidays

√Sept 11, Judit Chrenóczy-Nagy, PCC The irrationality of our rational choices – Blind spots on our mental map. How can our irrational selves help and limit our decisions?

                                                    October Antigua, Guatemala SUN Retreat

November 6. Michelle Sugarman., PCC topic to be determined

December 4, Janet Harvey, MCC A Sovereign Life ~ The Path to Unconditional Self Love


2024 TELECLASS SCHEDULE All MONDAYS, 12-1 EST US on ZOOM (link below for everything)

Jan 8 Steve Galloway, Coaching Through the Lens of Race.

Feb 26

Mar 18

Apr 8

May 6

June 10

July 8

August holidays

Sept 16

October SUN Community Retreat

Nov 18

Dec 2


GLOBAL SKILLS PRACTICES 2023 – each month a different topic

ALL Mondays 10:30-11:30 NY US time

2023 Skills Practices

√ Feb 27 Quantum Coaching Teri-E Belf, MCC

√ Mar 27 How Coaches Deal with Emotion Teri-E Belf, MCC

CX April 24

√May 8 SOS Success Over Stress  Teri-E Belf, MCC

June 26 Three Wishes with Lisa Nabors, PCC

July 24 Communicating Effectively, Listens Actively – Ortal Duzly, PCC

Sept 18 Demonstrates Ethical Practice and Establishes and Maintains Agreements – Jerry Spoto, PCC

Nov 20 Facilitates Client Growth – Lourdes Cabero, PCC

Dec 11 Transiting the GROW – Beatrice Diaz, PCC


GLOBAL SKILLS PRACTICES 2024 – each month a different topic. 

ALL Mondays 10:00-11:00 NY US time. NEW TIME

Jan 8

Feb 12 

March 11  Giving and Receiving Feedback

April 29

May 13

June 17

July 15

August holidays

Sept 23

October SUN Community Retreat?

Nov 4

Dec 9


T3 Meetings ALL Thursdays 10:30- 12:00 noon

Jan 18

Feb 15

Mar 14

April 11

May 16

June 20

July 25

August holidays

Sept 26

October SUN Community Retreat and T3 meeting after

Nov 7

Dec 5