SUN Continuing Education

 2019 SCHEDULE         All MONDAYS, 12-1 EST US on ZOOM

(link provided upon registration through the SUN Community website <>

JANUARY 14      Julia Karpiesky, PCC, Unconventional/Creative Approaches to Team and 1:1 Coaching

FEBRUARY 4      Astrid Baumgardner, JD, PCC, The Mindset of Success

MARCH 18          Tony Zampella, Active Listening: Understanding Deeper Levels of Listening

APRIL 29             Adrienne Fikes, PCC Roots of an Extraordinary Coach: How do our Ancestors support us showing up as a more Mindful and Equitable Coach

MAY 20                Shweta HandaGupta, MCC, Coaching-An Enabler of Organization Change Success

JUNE 24              Damian Goldvarg, MCC, Coaching Supervision

JULY 15               Jennifer Britton, PCC, Building Your Coaching Toolkit to Many, Virtually!

AUGUST 12         Rodrigo Acevedo, ACC , What can mentoring teach us about our coaching practice and our lives


OCTOBER 21        Anja Sassenberg-DeGeorgia, ACC, 3rd Life Coaching

DECEMBER 9      Marcia Reynolds, MCC, Anger as a Positive Emotion