MODULE I  (Unique SUN methodology)

  • Learn your life purpose and how to use it to achieve desired results
  • How to coach from your spiritual foundation
  • SUN Tools and Methodology

The Results Game – a tracking system to determine the degree to which one makes purposeful choices

The Well-Being Game – learn how to monitor well-being while achieving results

Guidelines for Living – lessons leaned and how to apply them.

MODULE II (Set up your coaching business)

  • How to be in business, e.g., market yourself as a coach, create your business mission statement, business plan, marketing strategy, office systems, legal requirements, record-keeping, etc.
  • Being in business and managing the business
  • Whereas we do offer a full curriculum of business development and marketing, we also recognize that different people intend to offer coaching in different ways such as part-time, Pro Bono, internal in a company, etc., so we customize a plan with each student based upon your needs and interests.

MODULE III (Foundations – An introduction to coaching)

  • What is a Coach? 8 Core Competencies
  • Ethics and Standards
  • Coaching Principles and Methodology
  • Coaching Models /Theories
  • Learning the Human Being

MODULE IV (Applying basic competencies)

  • Skills practices
  • Guidelines for Coaching Portfolio
  • 3 coaching observations with written and verbal feedback
  • Coach 3+ clients under the guidance of your Mentor Coach

Interim Exam (2- 30 minutes coaching observations)

MODULE V (Applying advanced competencies)

  • More skills practices
  • 3 coaching observations with written and verbal feedback
  • Continue coaching clients and receive mentoring

MODULE VI (integration and customization)

  • Mastery Practicum*
  • Supervised buddy practice coaching
  • Tele-learning classes
  • Global Skills Practices
  • Annual 4-5 day SUN Education Event
  • Tailored to your interest, e.g., team coaching, leadership transition, youth coaching…. and our newest additions are:

    – THE LOGICAL LEVELS OF ETHICS drawing upon Robert Dilts’ material and provide a case study, experiences, doubts and standards leading to awareness and next steps.


*Mastery Practicum

Your Practicum is a project designed by you and your Coach Trainer and will impact all areas of your life, allow you to use most of the program processes and techniques on yourself, and spans the entire Certification. By the end of the Certification Program, you can expect to experience mastery. Practicum examples:

    • To learn to let go of attachment
    • To write an outline of my book and the first 3 chapters
    • To feel comfortable setting limits and boundaries
    • To feel clear and confident asking for what I am worth

Final Exam (A 30 minutes coaching observation)

Graduation and Beyond

Gomez Profundidad del Espiritu

Profundidad Del Espiritu – Enrique Gomez