MODULE I: 18 hours total (Unique SUN methodology)
Eight meetings about 1½ -2 hours each, spaced about 2-3 weeks apart

MODULE II: 10 hours total (Set up your coaching business)

MODULE III: 35 hours total (Learning basic competencies including ethics)

MODULES IV, V, VI: 6 -12 months total
Foundations – An introduction to coaching, practical spiritual principles
Applying basic and advanced core competencies
Integration and customization
Mastery Practicum

If you train 1:1 with your Trainer, you decide the number of hours for each meeting and the spacing in between for Modules II through VI. Timing depends upon your desired pace, schedule, individual needs, lifestyle, finances, and your client load.

If you choose group training, the schedule is determined by your Trainer.

Detailed content descriptions of each module


includes mentoring, business development, SUN exams and certification fees.

Cost may vary depending upon method of training, group size or 1:1 and economy of the country in which the training is done. You can expect a range of $9,000-$18,000 for the 125 hours ICF-accredited Coach Training and Certification program. Some trainers offer discounts for advance payment and some offer installment plans. After you have selected a Trainer and language, please contact them directly for fees.


In the event of early withdrawal or inability of any student to complete a training, the student is liable for payment for the services rendered as of the date of withdrawal on a daily pro-rated percentage. For example, if a student completes one day of a two-day training, payment for 50% of the training would be due in addition to a €200. or $280. administrative fee. If prepayment had occurred, the Trainer provides refunds pro-rated to services already rendered minus the administrative fee.

If a student wishes to continue the training and the SUN Trainer cannot for any reason, the student can contact another SUN Trainer at the same level or higher to provide assistance. The SUN Training Director maintains the attendance records provided by ACTs and SUN Coach Trainers who offer Introductory Programs.


SUN Trainers have a strong commitment to continual improvement and development, both as coaches and as coach trainers. To this end, we sometimes discuss strategies and approaches for training in order to continually upgrade our competencies and our SUN program. This may include the training process and progress involving how students are coaching, communicating with, and marketing to their clients. This may also involve how they are being trained and receive instruction. Additionally, although not limited to this, discussions may include creating materials, cases and role-plays for instructional purposes.

In order to preserve the privacy of all involved, Trainers will only share information with each other that is needed to upgrade skill and enhance the program. Trainers will take the utmost care to maintain anonymity of the people involved, unless permission is received. This principle of anonymity pertains to group work, retreats, tele-classes, skills practices and other methods of training.


Review, Comprehension and Application of SUN resources:

  • Certification Manuals
  • 3 1-hour tutorial videos of coaching demonstrations
  • Simply Live It UP: Brief Solutions
  • Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success To Emerge – English and Spanish